Magazine Advertisment

I just received my copy of Your Wedding Day magazine, a magazine that features one of my new ads.  After what seemed like days, I decided to go with an image from a double wedding I shot a while back, I figured the visuals alone would help set it apart from the other ads, and i’m a big beliver in less is more – I Iove white space. It also helps that the couples are both damn good looking!

I love the final look of the ad, there’s always a fearful wait after sending any printed work, despite checks, double checks and printed proofs, I’m always anxious – will it look exactly right?, will the colours match perfectly when printed? Well, of course, they look amazing, now I can stop worrying until next month when my next ad comes out!

Your Wedding Day is an inspiring, full colour, glossy magazine for couples planning to marry in South Wales. The stylish editorial is bursting with ideas covering everything from fashion and beauty to honeymoons and receptions, oh yeah, and photographers.

The magazine is widely distributed across South Wales with 15,000 copies distributed, with at least 3.5 people reading every copy, the magazine has a readership of 52,500. It’s delivered to hundreds of wedding related outlets ensuring that it lands directly into the hands of thousands of brides to be.

So here’s hoping that the constant and necessary evil of advertising once again pays off!


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