Long Exposure Photography

My work life balance is pretty cool. I absolutely love my job, everyday. I can’t imagine doing anything else, least of all because I really can’t do anything else! Luckily, I’m still able to devote a huge amount of my time to family, this has become commonplace for me over the last few years, but it never becomes any less amazing.

However, there is of course a flip side to this lifestyle. I have no job security whatsoever. No matter how far I advance through my career, the fear will always be that the phone calls will one day stop, and the only person working to keep jobs coming through the door is me. It’s that thought process alone that drives me to work tirelessly, advancing, advertising, and thinking of new projects or cool concepts. There are no ‘work hours’ when you’re self-employed, and in a creative industry, your mind is always turning, and it’s almost impossible to stop it.

I spent tonight shooting some long exposure work with a friend, not because we had to, but because I love photography, since way before it ever became work. And I had a blast this evening, no deadlines, no clients, just plenty of coffee, patience and laughs.

Bottom line? I love what I do, and I can’t believe that I get paid to do it. I love the advantages that this lifestyle had afforded me, but the work has to be put in tirelessly. In the end, the images that I’ve able to create have become the most important thing to me.


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