Importance of the Album

Today I received the album for a wedding I shot in October, which you can read about here. It’s a Graphistudio album, and as always, its beautifully bound, and the images look amazing.

I can never express enough to couples, how important your wedding album really is. We firmly live in a digital age now, and thanks to ever new technologies, the possibilities in terms of how photographs can be captured, stored and shared are endless. CDs and DVDs of images have become a highly requested commodity in the photography world, digital images are convenient and easy to share, and if you’ve invested money on your wedding photographs, you should have a high quality way to show those images off.

In these difficult economic times however, there is a growing trend where wedding albums are often the first thing to get cut, primarily due to the fact that this will not directly affect your actual wedding day. Many couples aren’t aware of the importance of an album, or opt to create their own later on. In this case, life usually gets in the way and the impetus to design an album falls by the wayside, and it is often never made.

It’s true, professional wedding albums are not cheap, and there is a wealth of online options for for diy photobooks. Needless to say however, the quality difference between a consumer photobook that is available to create online and a professional album that your photographer makes is significant. Print quality is paramount for any self respecting professional photographer, but equally important is the fact that professionally bound albums will last for generations to come, press printed photobooks might not make it to your third anniversary.

It’s also worth noting that many clients hire photographers based not just on their images, but on their album designs and ability to visually tell a story. People don’t hire a wedding photographer after viewing hundreds of photos from a wedding. They hire a photographer based on their experience of portfolio images and well designed albums. A wedding album is the final presentation of a photographers work, if all you’re left with is images on a disc the potential of the photographer’s visionary execution is left incomplete.

By only relying on digital versions of your photographs, you can often loose sight of what your wedding album actually is, although digital methods allow for ease in terms of sharing and viewing images, a professional wedding album will allow a couple to one day curl up on the sofa and relive each moment together page by page.


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