Working On The Wild Side

Next month I start an incredible new commercial job that will see me traveling the length and breadth of the country with chef & bushcraft expert Chris Bax.

Along with his wife Rose, Chris has traveled widely and experienced life with indigenous peoples around the globe. His love of food led him into a career as a chef, but the outdoor life kept calling and inspired him to set up Taste the Wild, where he can combine his interests and pass on his enthusiasm and knowledge to others.

Chris regularly writes articles for Food Quarter magazine, and has been featured on BBC’s Countryfile, Blue Peter and ITV’s Adventurers Guide to Britain to name just a few of his televised appearances. In fact, Chris is making dandelion bhajis and dandelion and burdock cordial on BBC Countryfile this week, the show is due to go out on April 15th, so please try and catch it!

I am massively excited about this project; it’s going to be an amazing challenge and an extraordinary adventure, covering all aspects of Chris’ work and lifestyle, spanning costal regions, woodland locations and urban environments.

This project has all the ingredients to turn an amazing assignment into an incredibly rewarding experience. At each location I’ll be working along side the crew from Red90, who will be producing Chris’ new dvd on wild foraging and cooking, so there’ll be plenty of behind the scenes stuff to add to the blog along the way.


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