Old School Commercial Job

Today I started work on a commercial project for Newport City Council, documenting Llanwern High School, a brand new, state of the art school that is replacing Hartridge High school. I was due to start a few weeks ago, but a couple of location delays pushed the shooting schedule back.

There is still a huge amount of work taking place ready for the opening day and the return of the pupils after the easter break, so to allow time for everything to be competed prior to the shoot, today we spent some time documenting the old Hartridge High School buildings which are now lying empty.

It was a strangely eerie experience, and the absolute perfect setting for a horror movie! Everything that can be salvaged has been moved to the new build, leaving a littered shell of a school, with nothing but 50 years worth of wear and tear.

The new school building design really is nothing short of spectacular, you really can’t fail to be impressed by the concepts and designs that have gone into the building. The images from the competed project are going to be amazing, and will hopefully do justice to this amazing new facility, but for now, I’ll leave you with what it will be replacing.


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