Llanwern High School Opening

Yesterday I was back at Llanwern High School to document the arrival of the pupils and their integration into their new learning environment. They had only opened the previous day, so the whole place was a buzz of excitement and discovery, and a huge difference form the old School building.

One of the core design concepts of the build was to maximise the use of natural light, so I took a bunch of extra lighting with me to make sure everything balanced out perfectly, and firing them all remotely allowed me the freedom and flexibility to be as creative as possible in some fairly demanding physical spaces.

The building design is truly amazing, in fact it would be easy to forget that you were actually in a school. From colour coded learning zones, extra wide corridors that allow for visual connectivity throughout the school, and a sixth form common room that wouldn’t look out of place in an Apple Headquarters!

The fully glazed atrium also doubles as a dining area and conference space, which is just great…unless you’re me and you’ve been hired to take pictures in a big, shiny, reflective glass space! Logistics aside, we powered through and got some awesome images.


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