On Location Food Photography

Most of last week I was working with Chris Bax at his woodland in North Yorkshire, creating images of his wild food dishes.

Aside from the desire to work with fellow creatives who are passionate about what they are doing, the interest here was working with the unknown, adapting tried and tested product photography setups to work on a location shoot involving ever changing lighting conditions.

For every single job I take, I always do my research, but sometimes you still walk into a job still not really knowing exactly what to expect, and hoping that the gear you have packed into the car is going to be all that is needed to get the job done properly. Thankfully, the four days resulted in one of the most rewarding commercial jobs I’ve ever taken.  In short, amazing food was made, photographed and eaten. I also got to spend my 35th birthday among some great, like-minded people, on a project project that will take the rest of the year to complete and hopefully result in gaining a few lifelong friends.

We set off next week for the second on-location shoot, fishing for lobster off the coast of Staithes. I’m sure it won’t dissapoint.



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