Coastal Foraging Shoot

This week saw me shooting the second assignment for Taste the Wild with Chris Bax off the coast of Staithes, the once home town of Captain Cook.

We took a fishing trip out into the North Sea with Skipper Sean Baxter, on his boat, ‘All My Sons’, for what became the single most gear drenching experience I’ve ever had.
Luckily, all my equipment stood up to the task, which is more than I could say for myself. I spent half the time sprawling about the bottom of the boat, fighting the rain and the waves, to the great amusement of our hosts.  As you’d expect from someone who has fished in every ocean in the world except the arctic, Sean was a great character, and an excellent guide, happily picking me up to my feet time and time again.

Fish caught, we returned to shore for Chris to cook up another selection of great dishes with a seaweed salsa. The weather again turned in our favour, and we wrapped on the job enjoying beer and freshly made food on the beach.


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