Come Along and Dine, on this Tasty Swine….

This week I’ve been back working with Chis and Rose Bax from Taste the Wild. It’s always a blast working with these guys and you can read about our previous shoots together here and here.

This week Chris met up with Illtud Llyr Dunsford, sometimes known as Illtud, sometimes as Llyr and often by his nickname ‘Bob’. Illtud is the owner of Charcutier, an artisan charcuterie company which brings together British, South European and North American methods of meat curing.

Illtud is a fascinating and passionate guy, and despite his families long farming background, his professional career started as far from charcuterie production as you can get. Initially training as a documentary photographer, then finding work in the film industry for the Wales Screen Commission, helping to attract film productions to shoot right here in Wales. He’s worked on over 150 different productions including Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows, Robin Hood, Stardust and Doctor Who, he has impressive cv, so check out his IMDB page here.

Illtud’s farm provided us with an awesome location to start working from and he also supplied Chris with some Mangalitsa pork to base his dish around. We settled down with Chris, preparing and cooking all his freshly foraged ingredients along with the pork amongst the sand dunes at Hillend, on the Gower peninsula.

Shooting for his new foraging dvd with Red90 had just wrapped as the rain came in, we all counted our blessing and hit the road.


3 thoughts on “Come Along and Dine, on this Tasty Swine….

  1. Thanks for the glowing mention, thoroughly enjoyed my morning filming. I’m glad to see that the weather got a lot better for the cooking. Pictures look awesome, any chance I can use a few?

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