Perfect Wedding Light

September turned out to be a pretty quiet month for me with two different commercial projects being pushed back. Luckily however, I was able to see the month out with a fantastic wedding which saw a perfectly timed break in the weather.

These were great guys to work with, they were both super relaxed from beginning to end, and if they were anxious at any point they certainly did a good job of hiding it.

The weather was just a little bit too British for most of the day, but we were lucky enough to get break in the rain just long enough for us to shoot everything that we had wanted outdoors. Post rain light is often amazing, and it didn’t let me down on this occasion at all. Soft diffused light with just a hint of the sun peeping through gave us amazing working conditions, the guys looked fantastic and were more than happy to hide away from their guests for ten minutes and get cosy under a tree.



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