Under Pressure

Working under pressure is always interesting, and usually something I actually rather enjoy. It’s no coincidence that this pretty much encapsulates shooting weddings, but most likely originated from filming countless live events in my previous life as a camera operator. When there is little or no room for error, it helps to keep you super focused on exactly what it is that you need to do.

Which neatly leads me to the shoot I’ve just completed for my friends at Esme’s Nursery in Newport. They have lots of exciting things going on right now, including being up for “Educational Establishment of the Year” award at the ‘V awards’ ceremony that’s probably taking place as I type this, so the absoloute best of luck to you!

They were looking to start a new advertising campaign to follow up on a shoot that we’d completed when they first opened in June 2011. We already had a pretty packed day of shooting arranged, but in addition to this, we needed to get some finished artwork to the printers by mid afternoon in order to hit a magazine deadline, and as deadlines go, thats about as tight as it gets! The guys had already designed a half page ad around the image that we planned to capture, so making sure I shot this image as close to the pre conceived concept was fairly important. The artwork was all produced in advance-ish, so the plan was, that during a break in shooting I could work on the image in post, drop it into the existing artwork, send the files to the printer in time and then continue with the shoot. No pressure at all.

Thankfully, due in no small part to the kids who were amazing, we managed to make the magazine deadline, easily with minutes to spare! The shoot carried on well into the afternoon, and as soon as my back recovers from working at a height of three feet all day I’ll set about the task of my mammoth edit.



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