Whitemoor Lakes

For the past few days I’ve been assisting my friends at Red90 on a corporate film shoot at Whitemoor Lakes, an outdoor pursuits/action center in Lichfield. We’ve worked together for years, so the guys didn’t sugar coat it at all, I was on this job not because of my experience as a camera operator, but more for my willingness to get muddy, wet and jump off high stuff all in the name of work. That’s ok with me.

Whitemoor Lakes has fantastic facilities, specially designed and purpose built to support family life, learn new skills and enjoy outdoor activities together. Opened in 2011, the centre includes an international team of enthusiastic young people, which help to create an environment of integration between the different groups of visitors from around the world. They provide programs that help to develop confidence, self esteem and an strong sense of teamwork.

I had a fairly straightforward task ahead of me for this one; strap a GoPro Hero into a chest mount and repeatedly climb, abseil, canoe, descend zip lines and generally try not to look like I was enjoying my work too much. After a few test runs, we were confident that I could work with both hands free while suspended on the high ropes, so we decided to secure a second camera to my rigging enabling me to shoot additional footage from some amazing angles high above the ground.

While the crew did a solid job of shooting the main body of work from terra firma, it was my job to grab a few seconds of each activity to supply some dynamic views of the action to the final edit. As with the nature of all filming however, those few seconds of footage required multiple takes of each activity with slightly differing approaches to each event and it ended up being a pretty physically demanding few days.

I had an absolute blast working on this project, and despite my collection of new blisters and bruises, this was right up my street and made a welcome change of pace to the monster edit of studio images I’ve been working on lately. Sadly however, I doubt my performance will see me getting sponsored by Redbull anytime soon, which is a shame because tomorrow I set off again, this time for a few days working in Yorkshire.


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