A Pheasant Plucking time

So straight from filming outdoor pursuits last week, I had one day of rest before setting off again for the last assignment of the year with Taste the Wild. This segment of the project took us back up north on a pheasant shoot in the beautiful countryside of Lancashire.

We were invited to follow a shoot that lasted most of the day, moving to different locations across the landscape. The guys we were with really were an amazing group of gentlemen, and were happy to share everything with us, from their packed lunch, to tips on how to not get shot. Both of which I was very grateful of.

I’ve been shooting with Taste the Wild for a while now, and we’ve had some great adventures together up and down the country, but for me, the most exciting aspect of this whole project has been Chris’ willingness to take risks, primarily, risks on me. He has given me total freedom in creating the images, allowing me virtually compete creative control over how we shoot. He has put his trust in my judgment to style and shoot both him and his food in a way that I felt would best represent him and his brand to a wider market. So for that alone, I’d like to thank him.

Presenting your business to the public, professionally, and with images that reflect your specific style and identity is vital in today’s age of visual communication. The need for great images has now spread across all new mediums, your website, blog, facebook, and twitter account all demand images to present both a public face, and body of work to the world. Luckily for me, Chris and Rose were well aware of the value of appropriate, relevant photography, and we have succeeded in creating some amazing work together over the last six months.



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