‘Project K’

At the end of last year I was contacted by a guy I met once on a photoshoot way back in 2011, he’d struck me as an all round good guy and through social media we’ve stayed on each other’s radar.

He was putting together a team of people to compete in a Life Changing Challenge, so in the spirit of giving yourself to adventure and experience, I signed up.

On May the 4th & 5th I will be taking part in The National Three Peaks Challenge to raise as much money as possible for The Nathan Timothy Foundation, the worlds #1 charity dedicated to the empowerment of young people through the art and craft of songwriting.

The money raised for ‘Project K.’ will fund a series of songwriting workshops throughout July in schools in Cardiff followed by a celebratory concert for all the children involved, their parents and families – all in honour of Kate Johnson (sister of Nathan Timothy – The Songwriting Charity’s CEO) who sadly passed away in July 2012.

The National Three Peaks Challenge is an endurance event that requires our team to summit the highest mountain peaks in Scotland (Ben Nevis), England (Scafell Pike) and Wales (Snowdon). It’s going to be an epic adventure, covering around 28 miles on foot, 450 miles by road and climbing a total of 11,178ft, all against the clock, having to complete the challenge within 24hours. I don’t doubt for a second that’s it’s going to hurt a little, and obviously, I intend to perform as well as my unexceptional legs and old pneumonia scared lungs will allow, but when it comes to adventure, when given the chance to stay or go, you go.

So as we stand on the summit of the highest mountains in Scotland, England and Wales in under 24 hours we will not only be thinking about Kate, but the 1000’s of children that we can help in the area where she lived.

If you’d like to get involved and help make a massive difference to children’s lives, please do so by clicking here and following the simple steps.

On behalf of myself, our team, and the children who will benefit, we would be enormously grateful for your support.

Thank you so much.




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