A Flapjack Saved My Life

Ok, it might not have saved my life, but it certainly kept me going today.

Following yet more heavy snow and freezing temperatures in the Brecon Beacons National Park over the last two days, it seemed like a good time for Scott and I to hit the hills and complete a 15 mile loop of the Pen Y Fan range.

It’s fair to say that this was one of the most exhuasting mountain walks I’ve ever undertaken. We spent our time either wading through knee deep snow drifts in the valleys or desperatly trying to stay upright on sheets of crusted ice on the steep climbs.

Sadly conditions only worsened after we had eventually summited Pen Y Fan, with some pretty extreme wind and driving ice, so we eventually decided to follow our route back to the car rather than continuing along the exposed ridge as planned. We ended up covering 14 miles, so almost exactly what we were hoping for, only not in quite the right direction.

It wasn’t a complete disaster though, our synchronised face-plant into a hidden snow drift was hugely entertaining to some fellow walkers, but if I can come away from today with nothing more than a few aches and my slightly bruised ego, that’s ok with me.

Brecon Beacons Horseshoe


2 thoughts on “A Flapjack Saved My Life

  1. Looks desolate there. Have only been up Pen y fan once during winter and that was some experience! Looks like you walked up the old Roman track?

    • That’s right yes, we set off from below the upper neuadd reservoir, but the difficult conditions underfoot kept us to a pretty slow pace over Crybin and Pen Y Fan.

      We did meet a few other people, all suitably equipped with crampons and ice axes, there was also a guy skiing.

      The wind was 45-50 mph picking up all the loose snow with it, so the ridge walk didn’t seem like the best idea!

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