School Prospectus

Prior to the summer break I had been shooting images for a brand new school prospectus, and from my very first meeting with the Head, it was clear that the school was open to all creative direction.

It was felt that the new prospectus should be a sleek and stylized document, with the emphasis on the school’s ethos and character rather than page after page of extensive facts and figures. This wasn’t purely a design choice but also a question the prospect’s place and function; the internet is clearly a key factor here, with all the essential school information now being routinely updated and made available online.

A website or printed prospectus is often a child or parents first impression of a school, so the images used have to make a school stand out from its competitors and encourage parents and potential students to visit. This leaves the prospectus to stand as a strong visual tool, aimed at attracting pupils and parents alike, while underlining the safety, happiness and wellbeing of pupils.

Taking photographs in schools is never the easiest of tasks, but the staff had prepared their pupils well, and thanks to plenty of pre production planning, I was able to quickly split between what I felt were ‘must have’ shots and ‘If-there’s time’. Eventually, I came away with much more than I needed, and the Head was happy for myself and the designer to select the images that we felt would work best, both in representing the school and in terms of layout.

I called on my friend and graphic designer Sam, as I knew his amazing design work would help to set the prospectus apart from the competition, and he’s done just that, it’s a fantastic job. You can check out more of his design work here.

The summer’s over, kids are back too school and it’s time for this first print run gets out and do its job. I hope it does it well.


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